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Space Video Chat – FAQ


Can I use Space Video Chat without being a member?

Yes, you can use. Space Video Chat does not need any of your personal information. So creating a membership is unnecessary.

Do I need to upload a profile photo when I sign up for Space Video Chat?

You don’t have to upload a profile photo on Space Video Chat. We think it is unnecessary to upload a profile photo because your face already appears during chat.


Is Space Video Chat paid?

Space Video Chat is absolutely free.

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Does Space Video Chat record our chats?

Pictures or chats are not saved in Space Chat Video.

Does Space Video Chat allow us to use a gender filter?

Space Video Chat offers gender filters.

Why isn't my webcam working up?

First check if the camera on your computer is working. If the image still does not appear, be sure to confirm the permissions on the site.

How can I view users from a specific country only?

You can chat with people from any country using the country filter that Space Video Chat offers.

How do I report inappropriate users?

You can report the users who are bothering you from the signs in the lower left corner of the screen.


Space Video Chat is taking security measures?
You don’t have to worry about security because you don’t provide any personal information for registration at Space Video Chat.